Monday, May 18, 2009

The Saga of my Spinning Stool...

Some people, I swear, need to wear Jeff Foxworthy's "sign"...STUPID. On their foreheads. Or somewhere else quite visible. People, yes...but you wouldn't expect that, nor want that with an online seller.

Okay, so I find this cute little stool that I think would be perfect for spinning. I'm tired of using a dis-placed dining room chair. I wanted something small, with a padded seat. I found it. It's perfect:
So anyway, I find the listing, and it says it's for a purple stool. I wanted this burgundy one. The ad said "please contact us for other colors shown!" Okay, so I write to the guy (or girl, can pick him/her out by the "STUPID" sign on their forehead) and I say "I'd love to have this in burgundy". Seller says "okay, just write a note in Paypal comment box and let us know."

Great!! No prob! So that's what I did, AND I sent off another note through eBay to remind them that although I bid onthe PURPLE stool auction, I wanted a BURGUNDY stool.

Next note I get: "I am not sure if I have the burgundy in stock."

Okaaaaay. So I send a note back. "Pink would be fine."

Next note: "We are out of the PURPLE. Is PINK okay?"

OMG. I am in disbelief as to the absolute idiocy of this dialogue. Now, here's something ELSE to keep in mind thru all this. My eCheck cleared back on May SEVENTH. I still don't have this stool. Not in burgundy, not in purple (which I never wanted), and not even in pink. Heck, at this point, I'll TAKE IT in neon green polka dots!

So...I have NO idea what these people are going to write next. And was the burgundy really out of stock?? The world may never know.

And gee, guys, I'm so sorry. Didn't see yer SIGN.

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