Friday, May 8, 2009

My Domain Works! LakeHouseLoft.Com!

Stupid me! Here's I've had a domain since December of last year. I started my Etsy shop around that time, and figured "oh, I'll get around to building a site for my domain name sometime or other...."

Well, once you have an Etsy shop, and a job, and KIDS, you are lucky if the Etsy shop gets updated on time. So, the domain just sat there. For quite a while. I had even sort of forgotten about it. But HEY!! I got a tip I should have known without having to be told. Look what happens when you click on my domain: (er...please click on it, okay?)

Is that nifty or WHAT?

So, yeah...DUH on me, I can hear you all saying. I'm just not as savvy as I once was.

But, the shop is updated, and here's a little taste:
And I put a notice in my shop announcement, too, that if there's anything you see in SOLD items, just let me know! I keep concise records, and recipes of almost everything I dye. I can re-create almost anything I've done. Some, but very few of my pieces are ones that I've "flownby the seat of my pants", either to use up leftover dyes or what-have-you, but 99% of everything is measured and created just for that piece.

So...if you go into my SOLD items, it's a whole other store to shop! Just drop me a line, and give me a couple days or so to get it dyed up for you.

Well, it's off to the "real job" today. Bleh!

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