Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Alpaca Show!

Well, I am now the owner of two alpaca fleeces; one of them a blue-ribbon winner at the show!

This was truely a show for alpaca breeders, and less of a fiber event. However, if you looked and asked around, you could get almost any fleece you might want. The alpacas competed in the show in full fleece, and then went straight to the shearing booth! It was great fun to watch, especially watching "Jackie" win the blue ribbon, and then watching her get her very first shearing. And since it was her first, her fleece was as soft and fine as a cloud. Just gorgeous. I want to roll around in this stuff! Here's Jackie before the show:

Jackie was very young, only seven months old, so she was nervous and skittish. But I managed to sink my fingers into her fleece several times, and I knew that I was going to love it!

The show took place in Davisburg, and there were so many lovely animals there. I wanted ALL the fleeces, of course! I chose Jackie for her toffee-brown color, and then I picked up another white fleece, too. The white had been sheared earlier I literally got these fleeces right off the backs of the animals.

Watching Jackie was so much fun. Here she is, as a winner! This is Lee, Jackie's proud owner.

Then it was on to the shearing booth. Jackie is peeking around the corner here...really not digging what she is seeing:

She enters the booth, and takes a good look:

Let's just say that she gave them a bit of a fuss! Not too bad though. I got it on video, but just have to get it converted so I can post it here.
So, I'm pooped. What a fun day! Now I have to get the fleeces skirted and sent off to be processed into roving. There is nothing like alpaca....

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