Monday, March 23, 2009

Week-Long Carb Fest & Knitterly Ways

Well, the diet lasted like about ONE week. I shouldn't say that it is over, because it isn't. I am back on again today, probably just to undo all the damage I did last week. I had all the ingrediants (finally) to make my "diet saver" chocolate cheesecake brownies, but was too down in the dumps to actually make them. So, I just went for the gusto, and ate ice cream instead! Ice cream! I don't even CARE for ice cream!! Yeesh! Ah well. Perhaps it is out of my system now, and I can go on to bigger and hehe...!

I finished Cheryl Oberle's Bird's Nest Shawl last night. What a wonderful knit! I will get photos up after it is blocked. I am loving KnitPick's Palette yarn; such an inexpensive, but very yummy yarn. I knit the entire thing for about ten bucks. Boy, I remember back in the eighties when I was learning how to knit; you couldn't knit anything nice without spending at least fifty bucks. As a teenager, I just didn't have that kind of money. Things have sure changed!

It appears that I prefer rectangular shawls much more than triangle ones. Now, I know that my Stora Dimun came out a little on the small side, since I didn't pay strict attention to gauge and all that. I like to cuddle up in shawls. Stora just isn't a cuddly shawl, and it's okay. Bird's Nest is closer. I am going to cast on Cheryl's Sampler shawl next, in Iris Heather Palette (of course!). It's supposed to be done in a fingering weight, and Palette is, but just to be sure, I am going to go up a needle size from the suggested. I've been using a size seven for the other two, so I already know it will be fine.

Today is also dye day! I've decided that I am going to be doing more kettle dyeing, too. It is much more relaxing a method than hand painting, and the results are so pretty. I'm also finally going to be dyeing my handspun yarn, which I have been spinning and seemingly hoarding here for so long. It's going to be kettle dyed...I just don't care for the look of hand-painted yarns unless the repeat is really short. The randomness of kettle-dyeing is much prettier in yarn. Just my opinion, but I don't like to see "stripey" hand-painted yarns. You never know how the heck they will look when knit up. If you do a large project, you get long, thin stripey. If you do a small project, you get big, chunky blobs of stripey. Ugh.

So, I'm off. Rehanna is sick today...she has been all weekend, with a fever that doesn't seem to want to break. I give her Tylenol, fever goes down (but not all the way!). Tylenol wears off, fever goes right back up. I give that scenario three chances, and then it's off to the doc. That's been my rule with all the kids. As she is almost 15, I worry about mono. I had it when I was 15. I doubt this is the case, but since I was mis-diagnosed when I had it, I am not taking any chances.

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