Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have a Sick, Sick Woobie

Well, and to top it off, I am also sick myself. I kept this little guy home from school today, of course...he's got a temp of over 102 degrees, and his little cheeks are flaming red. I was proud of Alex today, though. He laid low...just rested and took it easy. What a good boy! I sure love this little guy. I thought he would be fine tomorrow if he went with Ellen, his respite care worker (who loves him like he is her own), but I just found out they are sticking some other guy with Alex. So that's not going to work. I called them up and told them to forget it. At least at Ellen's house, I know he would've laid low and rested. But this other guy they wanted to put him with has a NEWBORN BABY at his house. YEAH. Oh sure, Alex would have been warmly welcomed there. UGH.

So, I told them to forget it. I don't know what I will do about my work schedule. I guess I'll have to hope that Alex is well enough to go back to school on Wednesday, and go to work then.

I've been spinning and knitting while I've been sick. The knitting has not held a lot of charm for me. Don't know why exactly, but I do know that my spinning has been very appealing. The rythmn of the wheel going around, and the wool drafting through my fingers is comforting on so many levels. I was also delighted to find out how much wool my bobbins will hold!

There is NINE FULL OUNCES of wool on this bobbin! I was just astounded. I would like to pick up a couple more bobbins, but can't really part with the $22 a piece right now.

I am also wanting a new camera. It's hard to believe I have had this camera of mine for six years. It is a WHOPPING 4.1 Mexapixels! Ha ha! It has served me well, but I am sure tired of having to borrow my daughter's camera to take pictures. I got her a new Canon for Christmas. So...I'm using my daughter's camera which is way better than mine. And I have a business for which to take photos. What's wrong with this picture? (Every pun is intended!) So, I am saving up for this beauty:

Believe it or not, it isn't that expensive. I've always had FujiFilm cameras, ever since my very first digital camera way back in 1998. I've had three now. Been happy. This one is FAB. You can see the 15X optical zoom, plus it's 10 megapixels. Also has image stableization, which I could really use. There's tons of other stuff it does, too...all conducive to the kinds of photos I take.

Well, it's time to check on little Alex, and maybe write up some color recipes for dyeing. Looks like I will be home tomorrow!

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