Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Those Poor, Poor Ducks...

The school social worker came out to the house the other day to get a social history on Conner. This is a story he told me.

A few weeks ago, several of the fourth grade boys were having fun in the bathroom. Apparently, they were being goofballs and urinating on the walls and everywhere they shouldn't. The one male teacher in the school, and Mr. Lidel the school social worker, decided to call an assembly of all the fourth grade boys to discuss the matter, as no one really knew who exactly was the culprit.

The two told the boys about respect...about not doing things at school that they wouldn't do at home. They were told about "aiming"...and how important it was to aim right when using the toilet. The one male teacher gave an example: " Now, Mr. Lidel is a hunter, and he hunts ducks. He wouldn't just point his rifle into the sky and shoot all over the place! He has to AIM, so that he will get a duck!"

After the assembly, Conner's aide, Mrs. Windels came down to get him and take him back to class. She asked him, "So, Conner, how was the assembly? Did you like it? Did you learn anything new?"

Conner nodded happily and vigorously. "OH yes!", he said. "You're shupposed to PEE on the DUCKS!!"

Never say that an autistic child doesn't listen attentively...!

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