Saturday, February 12, 2011

Expanding on a Good Thing

Yes, I am aware it's been four months. You should know what a terrible blogger I am by now, so I'll spare you!

In the last couple months, I've realized that I really MISS creating fashion clothing for plus sized women. It was something I did very very well a few years ago. Life got in the way of the business, as usually happens. Autism entered my life, I left my husband, and found myself in not a very good spot. It's been five years, and I've been on so many creative "adventures" that I've lost count. But still, deep in my soul, there lives a desire to create clothing for the women I understand best: those that wear a size 16 and above.

It was a very tough decision to make; deciding to go back to the fashion business. But I know it's where I belong, and I'm excited to do it again! I got acquainted with my beloved "Bernie" again, and had him tuned up.
I have Bernie situated so I can see out the window, and have a speaker system for my music. I can't do anything without music. Many of my scissors are missing from the glory days of my business, but I located the company from where I ordered them , and will pick them up again. Wolff Industries is simply the best place to get scissors.

All of the hundreds of pounds of fabric I had I hung onto. I couldn't bear to let any of it go. My set-up isn't like I had before, so I can't have it all in here, but I have my rayons here and will be working through them. My cottons are in storage, but I can easily get to them.

Next on the list of must-buys is a gravity feed iron. I've been through two of them, and it seems the price has come down on them. I'll head back to my trusty favorite site, All-Brands, for the iron. I got my machine from them, and have never been sorry.

My cutting table has been with me since I was in high school, and sadly, it is so broken that it is nearly unusable. Tomorrow's job will be picking up a new one, then the agony of putting it together!

Now, you might be wondering: will I stop dyeing fiber and spinning and designing yarns? Heck no! While I have yet to figure out how I will operate two seemingly different product lines, I still intend to try it. So, hanging in my workroom, alongside the spinning wheel, there will be gorgeous clothing...
I'd love to say that I'll be offering one-of-a-kind knitwear for plus sizes, but the work involved would be too much. Patterns are the next best thing, and I am perfecting my pattern-writing skills to be able to offer them. It is no small task writing a pattern; so when you get one for free, please appreciate it!

So, I am now surrounded by wool AND fabric, plus gorgeous pieces of Japanese kimono silks, Bali batik art panels, and Indian saris too numerous to count. They will become jackets, tunics, pant sets, and dresses. My Etsy and ArtFire shops will get all the one-of-a-kind pieces, and a website will be in the works for pieces that will be made to order. Then there will be advertising and promoting.

Sooo much to do! Stay tuned...

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