Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Amazing Paul Potts...Click The Link!!

In the light of Susan Boyle's incredible debut, I love to take a backward (and forward!) glance at Paul Potts, another of Britain's Got Talent's discoveries. I am just so excited for both of them. Of course, Paul has had his CD out for a couple years now, and it is FABULOUS. His new CD comes out on May 5th, and of course, I have it pre-ordered.

And here's a word for all Paul's critics: just go F**K OFF. Paul's voice may not be perfectly trained or technically "perfect". But that is precisely what makes it so warm and inviting. THIS is what sends the tingles up our spines when we listen. Paul realness is what moves us to tears. He is not out there to tell the world how classical music should be sung. He is out there because he simply loves to sing. And people love to listen. His shows are sold out.

Let's also look at another facet of his fame: where else would a slightly "white trash" American commoner ever hear anything remotely classical?? Would you find this person at a Domingo concert? Most likely never. But you might find him listening to Paul Potts. Because Paul was at one time not so far from this...but he did have a dream. Hell, that's more than we can say about most Americans sitting on their asses every night watching reality shows. Paul is going to be a self-made legend. And I bet Susan Boyle is, too. They are the living results of simply having a dream and not being too chicken-shit to pursue it.

So: here's a taste of his new album. Hold on to your seat, and bring on the box of tissues. Most of all...enjoy. Embedding was not allowed on this vid, so please click the link.

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